Server Migration Notice & Upgrade

Our network will be undergoing server maintenance/migration. We will be installing a new racing engine under the hood to power the sites! In order to ensure the long term reliability of your website we have been working hard on your behalf for the past months to create a brand new server infrastructure with the redundancy and scalability that ... Read More »

30th Jul 2016
Important: Website Securities and Back-Up

Currently our servers facing DDos Attacks:It is highly unlikely that the attacker has a single machine with a big enough Internet connection to generate that much traffic on its own. One way to generate that much traffic is through a botnet. A botnet is a collection of PCs that have been compromised with a virus and can be controlled by what is ... Read More »

19th Jul 2016
DDoS Attacks on our DNS Servers

On Monday 19th May, 2.00 pm GMT our servers were hit with an extremely heavy DDoS attack. We were getting about 120,000 queries per second on each of our servers (about 15 times the usual peak load).An early investigation revealed that the attack originated from Ukrain and we immediately placed our IPs under TMS guard (it filters the incoming ... Read More »

19th Jul 2016

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