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Case Study

About Aidbit

Aidbit Social Media Strategy


Aidbit, the first Australian crowdfunding platform on the blockchain, revolutionized the fundraising landscape by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. This case study explores how WebNX collaborated with Aidbit to develop and execute a strategic social media campaign that propelled their innovative platform into the spotlight and helped them connect with a wider audience.

Client Objectives

Launch and Awareness

Aidbit aimed to successfully launch its blockchain-based crowdfunding platform and create widespread awareness about its unique features and benefits.

Community Engagement

Building an engaged and supportive community was crucial to Aidbit's success, fostering a sense of trust and interest among potential users.

Educational Outreach

The client sought to educate the public about blockchain technology, crowdfunding advantages, and the security aspects of using the platform.

Solutions and Strategies
1. Understanding the Target Audience:
WebNX conducted a thorough analysis of Aidbit’s target audience to tailor the social media strategy to their preferences, interests, and demographics. This research guided the creation of engaging and relevant content.
2. Content Strategy:
WebNX developed a content strategy that balanced promotional content with informative and educational posts. The strategy included:
  • Educational Posts: Explaining blockchain technology, how crowdfunding works on the blockchain, and the benefits of decentralized fundraising.
  • Success Stories: Sharing stories of successful campaigns and showcasing the tangible impact of Aidbit’s platform.
  • Interactive Content: Running polls, quizzes, and contests to engage the audience and encourage participation.
3. Visual Identity and Branding:
WebNX ensured consistent branding across all social media platforms to create a strong and recognizable online presence for Aidbit. This included using a cohesive color palette, typography, and visual elements that reflected the innovative and modern nature of the platform.
4. Community Building:

WebNX implemented strategies to foster a sense of community among followers:

  • Responding promptly to comments, messages, and inquiries to build a personal connection.
  • Encouraging user-generated content, such as campaign-related stories, images, and testimonials.
5. Influencer Collaboration:
WebNX identified relevant blockchain and crowdfunding influencers who could effectively promote Aidbit’s platform. Collaborations with these influencers helped expand Aidbit’s reach to a wider and interested audience.
Results and Impact

The collaboration between Aidbit and WebNX led to significant outcomes:

Grew Substantially

Aidbit's social media following grew substantially across multiple platforms.

High Engagement Rates

The content strategy garnered high engagement rates, with users actively participating in discussions, polls, and contests.

Blockchain Technology

Educational posts about blockchain technology and the benefits of using Aidbit's platform contributed to increased user understanding.

Innovative Approach

Aidbit's innovative approach to crowdfunding gained traction within the Australian blockchain and fundraising communities.


Aidbit's partnership with WebNX exemplifies how a well-executed social media strategy can drive awareness, community engagement, and education in the rapidly evolving blockchain and crowdfunding industries. By combining Aidbit's pioneering platform with WebNX's strategic content creation and engagement techniques, Aidbit successfully positioned itself as a leader in Australian blockchain-based crowdfunding, setting the stage for future growth and impact in the world of decentralized fundraising.

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